Begin Again — Emi Namoro
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Begin Again


I am starting over with this WordPress blog that I’ve created months ago. It’s purpose was supposed to help me keep up with my daily blessings through everyday pictures and lists to help myself remember beautiful things that happened to me each day. However, I didn’t understand WordPress as well as I did now, so I’m hoping that this blog can be the start of my new inspiration attitude.

My goals for this is that I am able to show insight into the issues that are floating in my mind from time to time, and that I am able to have a more professional outlook on matters, rather than just venting away in a blog. I’m hoping that this new blog would be my own way to share my knowledge to the world. Though I am still so young to many, I know that the experiences that I have will be somehow valuable and worth listening to anyway. So, I’m creating this new blog. I want to try having a WordPress blog.  

Here goes to a new start in my blogging experience, may it be fruitful and worthwhile.

God bless, friends!