Climb of Life — Emi Namoro
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Climb of Life

Last Saturday, I went on my first snowshoeing hike with a few religious sisters, fellow discerners, and the vocations director.

To tell you the truth, my friend, I was not looking forward to the hike at all. First of all, I have never been the athletic type. I have always been drawn towards the arts, and English.

Secondly, the idea of me willingly going outside, and experiencing the wilderness was foreign. I only started hiking more last year because it was our social event with the Sisters.

However, something did spark my interest in doing the hike. The Sisters told me that they had a priest celebrate mass on the snow last year.

How cool is that?! Literally.

I wanted to experience what it was like to have mass on the snow.

So, even though I was reluctant, I said yes to snowshoeing.

My first time wearing snowshoes!

Due to the fact that it was my first time snowshoeing, I was not properly prepared. I wore a jacket that was too thick for the weather, and jeans that were not appropriate for the hike. Looking back, it is almost hilarious that I, a notorious planner, didn’t plan for this beforehand.

The hike, in itself, was not bad. However, I did need to take a few rest breaks on the way up. It frustrated me because I did not want to be that person who would slow the group down. But, as Sister reminded me, if I tried to catch up to the group, I would get sick. She kept reminding me to drink water and take the rest that I needed.

Photo by Vocations Vancouver

I was reminded that I did not need to be on the same pace as everyone else. I had to learn that though we were all on the same path, it doesn’t mean that we are all going to get there at the same time.

Honestly, I was so blessed to have my friend, Angela, and Sr Mary Sabina who kept encouraging me on the way up, and down the mountain. It helped me as I was constantly reminded that I am not alone on this path.

Once we reached the top, I felt a huge sigh of relief, and peace.

View on top of Dog Mountain Trail @ Mount Seymour, BC

The view was beautiful. I was breathless.

After an hour and a half of pain and suffering, I was so joyous to see that it was worth it after all.

I sat down on the rocks silently admiring the view. It felt like all the noise in my head from my headache finally went away. I was able to admire God’s creation in peace. Honestly, it was probably one of the best moments in my week so far: simply being still on top of a mountain praising God.

Admiring God’s creation on top of the mountain trail

Up next was the best part of the whole day: Mass on top of a mountain.

Because I was distracted sitting down on the rocks, I almost didn’t notice that my group already started setting up for mass.

As I got to where my group was, I noticed our make-shift altar. This small structure made me smile so much.

Father R setting up the altar.

Our altar was simply a whole stack of flat backpacks together, with a white tablecloth on top. It was so humble, and so simple.

I knew at that moment that Jesus was smiling down at us.

He was with us, on top of that mountain.

Father R, Sister JM, and E setting up for mass.

I couldn’t explain it but I honestly felt so overwhelmed by it all.

I was overwhelmed at how Christ was present in that simple moment during mass on top of that mountain.

He was right there. I felt tears run down my face as I realized the intensity of the intimacy of the mass.

Jesus was right in front me. He longed for me.

I, in turn, wanted to give Him my all.

My sweet, dear Jesus wanted me.

After that, I felt this resounding peace in my heart.

I no longer felt restless or tired, instead, I was full with the knowledge and affirmation that I am deeply loved.

Photo by: Vocations Vancouver

I found that this hike was a beautiful way to start my 2019.

I realized that in this mountain of life, we are never meant to journey alone. You will never be left behind.

No matter how difficult or strenuous the climb may seem, the view on top is always worth every step.

As I was heavily reminded, it is not only enough to reach the top by yourself; but that you bring as many people as you can with you.

This “Climb of Life” is worth it.

Journeying with Christ towards Heaven is worth it.

Will you climb this “Mountain of Life” alongside me?

Photo by: Vocations Vancouver