I am found — Emi Namoro
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I am found

I once heard that if you found yourself lost, put yourself in a position to be found. This helped me when I nearly got lost going to mass today.

I started this Saturday morning by attending class (yes, you read that right.. on a Saturday) and I knew that I would be going to mass right after.

Since there was something wrong with my phone and I couldn’t call/text anyone or use my data, I wanted to be prepared. I made sure that I would look up the directions beforehand at school.

However, some complications happened while I was at the bus stop. The directions I searched up disappeared on my phone and I had to quickly figure out what bus I would take.

I took a chance on the first bus that came and prayed for the best.

I knew I was lost, but I trusted that the Lord will help me find my way.

I tried asking the bus driver for directions once we were at the station, but unfortunately she didn’t know how to get there either. So I looked at a map and found the bus that was going that general direction.

To my surprise, I ended up going the right way! The Lord pulled through (as He always does) and I was on my way to the church 🙂

I arrived half an hour before mass started, just enough time for me to pray. But before that, I wanted to look at the bulletin just to see what’s new.

What I saw was this booklet, in which I found:

A saint medal for St. Anthony! The patron saint of miracles and return of lost things. How providential!

This adds another medal to my collection! (I’ll tell the other medal stories on another day)

It just made me smile so much because the Lord was so evident in my journey. The entire trip was only half an hour but it felt so much longer than that, due to my worry and anxiety.

But there was no need for me to feel anxious or worried because He truly had my back all along.

I needed to remember that (in all things), we must put our faith in the Lord because we do not know what His plans for us are. He will reveal them in His time, not in ours. We must learn and remember this.

In the same way I put my trust in the Lord on the way to mass (when I had no clue where it would take me), we must learn to put our faith in Him to lead us in our journeys in our own lives.

He can see the full map ahead, while we only see a sneak peek of it. Trust in Him, my friends!

He has so much more in store for you than you will ever know, because He loves you so so much.