Patience — Emi Namoro
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I was reminded today that my prayer life needed improvement, my heart needed to be properly guarded, and that I needed to learn and practice patience. To kill three birds with one stone, I decided to start a novena today so that I can keep myself accountable.

The saint that I have chosen is St. Monica because I felt as if patience was one of the main factors of why I felt spiritually dry for a while. Through praying the novena, I am able to pray to the Lord constantly and further develop my relationship with Him.

What affirmed my decision was finding out that St. Monica’s feast day was today (August 27). It was a beautiful realization because it felt as though the Lord specifically wanted me to start this novena to St. Monica. He is leading me to this path before me.

To allow for further accountability, I will update this post for the next nine days to reflect on what stood out to me the most each day so that I do not just read prayers without truly understanding its meaning and significance. Here we go!

Day One (August 27):

“With confidence, persistence, and profound faith….”

“we pray for all God’s people currently absent from our Home

“Grant me that same fortitude, patience, and trust in the Lord.”

Lord, please guide me to serve You faithfully and obediently for as long as I’ll live. I want to love You above all else, and by completely trusting in Your plan for my life.

Day Two (August 28):

“we pray for those who were baptized Catholic, but were not blessed with families to guide them to spiritual maturity”

“Teach us to remain close to all God’s children, even the prodigal sons and daughters who have sadly gone astray”

” Yet, you never despaired or lost faith”

Lord, please teach me so that I may learn how to be humble in serving You daily. Allow me to be one of your many instruments in bringing youth and young adults back into the Church.

Day Three (August 29):

“you perseveringly pursued your wayward son”

“Grant me that same fortitude, patience, and trust in the Lord”

“May those of us in the Church today be a source of healing”

Lord, I ask that you guide me in my journey as a young Catholic in today’s world. Please bestow upon me the grace, humility and love to be a source of healing to those I encounter.

Day Four (August 30):

“you perseveringly pursued your wayward son…not with wild threats but with prayerful cries to heaven”

” Yet, you never despaired or lost faith”

“Teach us to remain close to all God’s children, even the prodigal sons and daughters who have sadly gone astray”

Lord, please teach me how to be diligent in my faith in You. I long to be a woman of God in everything that I do and everywhere that I go.

Day Five (August 31):

” grant me the grace to accept His will in all things”

“May they feel the warm embrace of Our Father’s loving forgiveness”

” we pray for those whose sins make them feel unworthy to come to God”

Lord, please allow me to be the light that others may to see, not for my own glory but, to remind them of Your greatness. May those who felt lost and abandoned, find their calling and worth in You alone.

Day Six (September 1):

“many sorrows pierced your heart during your lifetime”

“all those who believe in their hearts but are fearful of judgment or institutions”

“grant me the grace to accept His will in all things”

Lord, I am nothing without You. Let anything that is not of You be taken away from me. I long for nothing more than to be with You in Heaven.

Day Seven (September 2):

“May the Holy Spirit give them strength in their convictions”

“may the Holy Spirit fill the hearts of their friends and family with love and support”

“that God may favorably hear my plea”

Lord, I offer to You everything that I am, all that I have and all that I will be. Use my life to eternally glorify and magnify You.

Day Eight (September 3):

” we pray for those who feel abandoned by God”

“restore their faith in Him”

“many sorrows pierced your heart during your lifetime”

Lord, my future sometimes seems distant and unknown. Give me, O Lord, the vision to see the path you set before me. Grant me the courage to follow Your way through the gifts and talents that you have given me.

Day Nine (September 4):

“we pray for those who are ready to come home and just need to be invited”

“grant me the grace to accept His will in all things”


Lord, I am not worthy to be Your servant, but I lift up everything unto You, for You are my God and Saviour in this life. Please be with me throughout tribulations that may pass me in this earthly life. I owe everything I have to You.

Well, there you have it! First Novena that I’ve officially finished for nine consecutive days! I hope this will allow me to be patient in all things and to further deepen my relationship with Christ. I am well aware that I can do all things through Him who gives me strength – Philippians 4:13 🙂

God bless, my friends! (Happy Canonization Day to one of my favourite new Saints – St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta!!!)