The Gaze of Love — Emi Namoro
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The Gaze of Love

During a phone call with a friend of mine today, I was reminded to witness how different aspects of God may be vividly represented by those that I encounter.

For example, a friend’s child-like nature may remind you of how God longs for us to have a child-like trust in Him.

My friend told me that I had reminded him of God’s approachableness. It intrigued me because I hadn’t thought of that before. In particular, how God has made Himself approachable to us.

Many instances of this comes to mind. The glaringly obvious example is Jesus Christ.

In becoming man, God had made himself visible to us. Not only that but He had sacrificed Himself for our sake; to save us from our sins.

Another example that crossed my mind was the Eucharist. More specifically, when we are with Him at a Adoration Chapel.

He hid Himself in the tabernacle so that we may approach Him. If He is present in all His glory, I doubt that any of us would walk up to Him.

But in His humbleness, He hides himself so that we may come forward and go to Him.

It boggles my mind because He makes Himself so available to us, yet we ignore it. The Almighty Living God, creator of all things, wants to spend time with us.

My friends, I pray that we all take the time to visit Jesus, and to spend time with Him. Let us not leave Jesus alone. May we all comfort Him with our presence.

He wants nothing more than to be with you! Will you come visit Him?