You are not an Orphan — Emi Namoro
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You are not an Orphan

This whole day consisted of me hearing this phrase, “You are not an orphan. The Lord will never leave you” from all sorts of different platforms.

Truth be told, it was quite reassuring because I had trouble in believing that God truly loved me for a long time. Yes, I knew that God loves everyone, but I had believed that I was the exception. No way would God ever love someone as stubborn, and broken like me.

However, the phrase, “you are not an orphan” stood out to me because of what it represented. An orphan is someone who does not have parents. I could only imagine how scary that may be for some people. For them to believe that no one cares for them – that they are alone in this world.

By God reminding me that I am not an orphan, He is gently reminding me of my worth as His beloved daughter. He reminds me again and again through scriptures that He will never leave us, or forsake us. He has, is, and will continue to be by our side.

The most beautiful example of this promise is when His Son came down to Earth as man. Through Jesus, God reminds us that He is with us. I once stumbled upon this Tumblr post that changed my perspective on Jesus as man, that I would like to share with you.

Reading this helped me fall in love with Jesus. Oh I wished I was alive at the time when Jesus was living on Earth. I wonder what it would have been like to live with Him, and to be by His side. To learn and laugh alongside the One who made You, and knows You best. It is so heartwarming, and so intimate.

My friends, no matter how much the Devil tries to trick us, we are not orphans. We are not helpless, and alone in this world. We are His beloved sons and daughters. He delights in us. He sees us, and loves us so deeply. He loves you so deeply.