Metanoia — Emi Namoro
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I am slowly understanding that I am no longer the person that I was back in high school. I’ve changed over the past year so tremendously, that I’m no longer the same person as I was then. 

Not that it is a bad thing, change is inevitable in life. But it is scary when you are aware of that change happening presently. There isn’t anything I can do about no longer being my 14 or 16 year old self anymore. 

But what I can do is strive to be in a point in my life where I am able to reflect back during those points in my life and learn from them; rather than wanting to relive them. My past does not dictate my future, neither will it hinder it. 

I am a growing woman. What type of woman is still up to the decisions I make and the steps I take every day. I am confident that it is only in the Lord’s time that I may heal and find the sense of self and comfort that I desire. 

I must remember that the Lord is present. Everywhere, and in everything. I have faith, and with that faith in God, I am able to do anything to further glorify and magnify Him.